Friday, November 1, 2013

The Family

Last month my mother came to visit me.  I have two mothers.   My visitor was not my biological mother but I would never consider her any less.

Our relationship has been tarnished by struggles and pain but she is a wonderful lady.  Humble.  Generous.  Beautiful.

We spent a fantastic week traveling all over Thailand.

I do not have very attached connections to my family, but I am so grateful that she is one person who is always there, she has not been married to my father for a long time but still wants to be in our life and that really is wonderful.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A final post...for a while anyway.

I am sorry.
I have neglected you... again.
I started this blog many years ago.
I am a different person now.
My interests are different.
My priorities have changed.

I don't feel the need to write about it.

I know I promised some friends and family that I would update regularly.

But other than how much I love to run:

And how I have met some fantastic people:

There just isn't a lot more to write.

The son and daughter are both in school.

I don't really do a lot, other than Run.  That is where I am at my most happiest however I promised not to turn this into a running blog.

So today I write this final entry for a while; with the promise that when I travel to Cambodia, Switzerland and Germany over the next 12 months I will update.

Thank you so much for reading and your comments.

With love

ps: Just quickly...
A little gloat...
I ran an ultra marathon!
In Australia.
2 weeks ago.
I got lost.
It took me 11 hours
I ran more than 55km
Less than 58
(the watch went flat)
I loved it.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Life's Challenges...

...of which there are currently a few to sort.

I am running through them.

Will write again soon.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodbye Bangkok

Well it is that time again.
Time to say goodbye to another home.

Another suburb.
Another city.

Goodbye House.

There are so many things about you I will not miss.

But I will miss the friends I made in this community.

The people who ran with me even though I slowed them down.

The lake full of some pretty freaky scary looking marine animals.

Riding my bike every morning

The tree lined streets.

It was rocky in the beginning.
But I love Thailand.
And I am ready for the next adventure.
Out of the expat bubble.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Columbia Trail Masters - A race review

I didn't sleep well the night before.  I was nervous.  I am still not fully recovered from Shingles, I had some pain and I was so afraid we would sleep in, although I had set 3 alarms,  that I woke many time to check the clock. 

On our way to the race it began to pour.  Water filled up on the road and I started to think the race would be cancelled.

But as we came closer to Kao Mai Keaw the roads were clearer and the excitement was building.

My family took a photo of me and then we all crammed in ready to start.  It wasn't until a few days later when I posted the photos on facebook that I realised the man standing in front of me in the blue is actually on my friends list.  

I have gone from having no friends to friends I didn't even know I have!  

Then the race started.  It was only 25k.  I ran a half once in 3 hours (that's very slow) so I told my family to come back in 3.5 - 4 hours as I was sure to finish it by then.


I really had no idea how long this journey would take.
I didn't know it would be so breathtakingly beautiful that sometimes I would have to stop just to admire my surroundings and take photos. 

There was one spot where we had to cross a ditch that was so steep I needed to hold onto a tree vine and lower myself down.

I wasn't coming last but it was a very slow race and I was amongst the back of the pack runners.

At 17km I was walking and struggling.  I then looked up to see a member of my running group running to say hello to me and offer anything I might need.  That support and encouragement really made me feel fantastic and full of energy again.

I ran for another 8 km.  Through beautiful trails and among shaded trees and heavily grown areas.  I had to climb over a couple of trees blocking the path and run on soft sand that I suspect were dry river beds.

I was walking again as I came up to the finish and the support team from Bangkok Runners were there.  I can't describe the elation I felt when I had someone run and talk to me in the last 10-20 metres.

It was a very tough course.  I had friends who signed up for the 50km only to pull out at 25km and comment on how hard it was.

After 5 hours and 5 minutes I was finally at the end.

I was given this medal and a bunch of flowers.  

After the race I was quite ill.  Hardly able to stand and vomiting nothing into a zip lock bag as we made the long trip home.  That night I had chills and went to bed in my winter pyjama's.  

But I woke the next day feeling euphoric.

I cannot wait to do this race again in January.

It has taken almost 10 years of running to find my niche; and that is trail.  I am at my most happiest when running in nature.  When the sounds of animals and birds are so much more exciting than an ipod playlist.

I have registered for 7 events so far over the next 12 months.  Two of them are road marathons but the rest are on trails.  From 21 to 78km.  In Thailand, Australia and Europe.

I am in a great place.  I am not the fastest, I don't look the part and some people don't get it but I have never loved running more than I do at this moment.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trail Running in Amazing Thailand

I am almost 100% recovered.  Even my GP is surprised.  I put it down to the fact that I eat a plant diet but perhaps it is just the determination I had not to miss the above race.

Over the last 2 months I have been preparing.  It's not a marathon or more, just 25k, but it will be run in a very rugged jungle trail in rural Thailand.

I have trained.

I bought trail running shoes to add to my collection.

I have almost begged DHL and Customs to release my parcel of trail running goodies that they held onto for more than 14 days.

Now I am ready.

I still have shingles but I am not contagious.  I am just a little bit sore and a wee bit tired but when my energy runs out I can run on adrenaline.

There is something so magical about running on trails, in nature, with a fear of snakes and spiders but awe at the same time, jumping over coconuts, climbing steep hills.

It is the only time in my life where I feel no shame or embarrassment falling over or rolling down a hill in front of total strangers.

It is Euphoric.

I am more spiritual than religious, but when my fellow runners are far ahead of me (because that's what happens when you're really slow) and I can convince myself I am all alone out in the middle of nowhere; I feel closer to God.  Really.

There will be at least 300 other runners lined up with me on Sunday.  We will be running a single file trail through the jungle.  

I am so freaking excited!  And since I have no grand illusions about PB's or beating anyone, I will take a camera so I can hopefully capture some of the beauty of being blessed enough to run on a Kao Mai Keaw jungle trek.

Friday, June 7, 2013

I have the pox.

Shingles to be exact.

I will have to miss a 10km run with my friends tomorrow...but I am resting and determined to make it to next weeks 25km jungle trail run.

I hurt, but I am loving life too much to feel sorry for myself

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Marathon Confirmed.

In less than 2 months....

Race starts at 4am
Temperature averages 27-32 degrees
Humidity low 75%

And to think that in 2008 I pulled out of running the Madrid Marathon because I thought that hours of running in 25 degree heat and 58% humidity might cause me to.........well...........die!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend in Kanchanaburi

We started our weekend at this gorgeous Resort.  Oriental Kwai (No.1 Trip Advisor Hotel) and it was perfect.

We had a river facing cabin. The rooms were lovely, the grounds immaculate.  The daughter and I are vegetarian and the restaurant had a lot of vegetarian options, something we don't easily find in Thailand.

Although it was less than 200km from our home, it took us 5 hours to travel here.  

On the second day we travelled to the Hellfire Pass Museum.  It was very emotional to be in the place where so many of our countrymen died whilst clipping into mountains to build the Burmese-Thailand railway.

It was a beautiful area marred by sadness.

On the way home we stopped at the Bridge over the River Kwai.  We did not get the train over the bridge as it was very busy but we plan on coming back with family in October and will go on the railway then.

We would have loved to keep driving but were advised not to drive over the border to Burma - so this as close as we could get.